Super Dragon

Chipmaster Bottom Heaters SMD-2000 Series

6500-1212 Super Dragon 220v Panel Pre-Heater Unit Includes: Power Supply 220v (2400watts), Forced Air Panel Heater 12″ x 12″, Digital Controller, Power Cord, and Operation Manual

Chipmaster Bottom Heaters SMD-2000 Series


Bottom Heaters are necessary in Lead-Free rework to assist in keeping top reflow conditions to the original manufacturing oven temperatures.  The Dragon and Super-Dragon can be used with Chipmaster systems.


Super-Dragon Panel Bottom Heat Unit 

 A heavy duty Bottom Panel Heater with a surface area of 12″ x 12″ (304 x 304mm).  A Digital Closed-Loop Temperature Controller maintains the programmed temperature via two high capacity 1200 Watt heaters, making a total of 2400 Watts. This high energy feature enables a lower overall rework temperature to be applied to the work.


Order Information 

     Part #           Description 

  • 6500-1212    Super-Dragon Bottom Heat System

                           available as 220V 60 Hz only

The Super-Dragon can be used with a Chipmaster-Z Axis (P-6) and a 14″ x 16″ Board Holder Upgrade. The following Risers are used in the kit:

  • 8100-1002    Riser for Chipmaster
  • 8100-1003    Riser for 14″ x 16″ Board Holder

Dragon Portable Bottom Head Unit for Chipmaster

A Digital Closed-Loop Temperature Controlled Bottom Heater for use with the Chipmaster.  Includes a self-contained blower unit for constant low-velocity, high-volume air flow.

Focused Heat

Temperature may be directly focused using standard nozzles, which are interchangeable. The system is fully guarded throughout the length of the heater arm.

       Part #                      Description 

  •   2000-1000             Dragon Preheat Systems 110V 60 Hz
  •   2000-1002             Dragon Preheat Systems 220V 50 Hz