SMT Tool Kit


Aids for Rework And repair

A key ingredient to successful repair is to use a system of high quality cleansing and preperation materials to remove and replace a component. APE SMT products have been specifically formulated for rework and their use will assist in a professional reconstruction.

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Rework SMT Tool Kit 8100-1097

 The 8100-1097 SMT Tool Kit has been especially formulated for Motorola, and includes a special blend of tools and materials, providing the highest quality rework possible.
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 Kit includes:

  • Dental quality probes
  • SMD pad prep cleaner pen
  • Tweezers for efficient component handling
  • Assorted flux and fluid dispensing needles
  • Solder wick gun
  • No-clean BGA wetting solution
  • No-clean rework formulated flux
  • Double sided flux and prep brush
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