Digital Tweezer System SMD-625


Thermal Control

The SMD-625 is a closed loop thermal control SMT “Chip Tweez” rework system providing digital controlled installation and removal of small PLCC/SOIC type components togethor with chip resistors and capacitors.

 System Includes:

  • SMD-625        Power Source
  • 6000-2400A  Thermal Tweezer Handpiece
  • 6000-0286A  Tweezer Handle Insulator
  • 3550-6000     Tweezer Holder
  • 1212-2311A  Tip Pair for Chip Devices


Model            Part #           Description

SMD-625      0625-2400     Chip Tweez 60Hz 110V

SMD-625      0625-2402     Chip Tweez 50Hz 220V


Optional Tips:

  • 1212-2311A  Tip Pair for Chip Component(Included)
  • 1212-2310A  Tip Pair SOT 23/143
  • 1212-2308A  Tip Pair SOIC 8
  • 1212-2314A  Tip Pair SOIC 14
  • 1212-2316A  Tip Pair SOIC 16
  • 1212-2320A  Tip Pair SOIC 20
  • 1212-2324A  Tip Pair SOIC 24

6000-7700  Tip Retaining Screw, Pack 10


Dimension  6.00″ x 5.00″ x 2.75″(15.24×12.70×6.98)

Weight       3.5 lb. (1.58 Kg)

Range        450 to 900°F (232° to 482°C)

Idle             2°F

 Safety Rating:

USA       MIL-STD-2000-A

USA       MIL-S-45743E

USA       WS-6536E

Europe   CE