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The Sniper III is the latest in BGA and Micro BGA Rework system design. With On-Board control and powerful computer profile generation, including data logging. The system also includes a Thermalcouple Bank to develop the rework profile and monitor the component, board and environment. A 17″ monitor reflects the image of the bottom of the chip and the footprint on the board, these images are then adjusted to exactly overlay each other and the component placed automatically

Energy Reflow – DABIS Prism

The Sniper III Vision Rework system combines Closed-Loop energy reflow control that precisely measures the temperature of the heated air and the very latest technology in optic alignment design. These features provide absolute control in position- ing all ultrafine pitch, Micro BGA, QFP, and CSPs (Chip Scale Packages), together with large ceramic or plastic BGA devices.


Once aligned, the component is automatically positioned by pneumatic control, lifting the camera system clear of the placement vector. A Vertical Placement Drive (VPD) accurately orients the component to the contact land pattern.


A Venturi Vacuum Pick-Up system supports the component during alignment and automatically snap releases the component during placement.

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Look Up Look Down –


The DABIS Prism permits the contact array of the component to be viewed from the underside and superimposed over an image of the contact land pattern on the PCB. Component Alignment Precision Micrometers align the two lead patterns; the camera’s zoom and focus are adjusted to comfortably align and view the PCB and component on the monitor. Focus and Split Using a prism simplifies the alignment procedure and ensures repeatability during continuous operation.

A Dichroic Alignment Beam Image Splitter (DABIS)is a contemporary innovative refinement in imaging dual fields using a split prism to enhance and clarify the image.

It is also possible to view many different types of components without additional setup. To view the diagonal corners of very large components, an optional Macro Imager 7000-2500 can be inserted when required. Vertical Placement Drive (VPD) When placing delicate components to fine tolerances, emphasis on stability of engineering is a priority, the reinforced VPD provides a stable final positioning operation, and is adjustable in the Z-axis for pressure sensing.


Rotary/Staged Vacuum Board Holder –


The Sniper III includes a standard 12″ x 16″ (305 x 406 mm) vacuum actuated Board Holder, which quickly glides to position. Precision micrometers adjust in X- and Y-axis and the “Rotary/Staged” feature of the table provides “Theta.” Optional Board Holder Extender Kits are available for smaller and larger board types.


Sniper III Specifications:Part # Description7750-0033 Sniper III 110V 60Hz7500-0034 Sniper III 220V 50Hz

7000-2500 Macro Imager

  • Power110-­220V 1800 Watts
  • Current25 Amps @ 110V, 15 Amps @ 220V
  • Dimension21.75″ x 29.12″ (552 x 740 mm)
  • Board Holder Standard12″ x 16″ (305 x 406 mm)
  • Reflow Nozzles includedSix Nozzles of Choice with 12 months free exchange
  • Preheat Nozzles includedAll included
  • TemperatureSelect Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Reflow Air VelocityInternal Motor < 12.7 CFM
  • Component Pick UpVenturi Generator Reflow & Imaging
  • Factory Air60-80 psi for Placement System
  • ControllerOn Board Computer
  • Profile Generation Windows based PC with 17″ Monitor and GDW Software included
  • Board AlignmentMicrometer Controls
  • Reflow OperationClose Loop
  • Maximum Board Size16″ x 20″(406 x 508 mm)
  • Air FlowUp to 1 SCFM
  • Weight165 lb (75 kg)
  • CommunicationRS232 Sniper II Only
  • Operational SoftwareOn Board Computer and Specview Graphic Display
  • Optional Programmable Nitrogen Reflow
  • APE also offers video narrated trials to help in the evaluation process, our lab technicians will perform your job and return the completed work with the video.
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  • 2005 NASA solicitation on the SniperIII


Widest range of component types accommodated from Micro BGAs to high pin count Ceramic CBGA · Board sizes up to 16″ X 18″ (406 x 457 mm) · Low Temperature Technology On-Board Computer The Sniper III can be operated with- out an external computer directly from the on-board computer, which can run pre programmed profiles or patterns. The Bottom Heater is auto- matically controlled by the on-board computer ensuring complete process control. Profile Control The Sniper III stores up to sixteen (16) multi segment (Ramp & Soak) profiles on the machine or any number of profiles by using Windows-based software. Programs can be created and entered directly on the Reflow Controller keypad or created using Graphical Display software (included).Data Logging events is provided in PDF format. The rework cycle is automatically controlled and shut off after completion. Graphical Display Window (GDW) The computer software provided operates in a Windows-based environment. Profile Pattern Recipes are easily created, stored, recalled, and edited using a Graphical Display Window (GDW).