Optional Board Holders and Accessories

Board Holders and Accessories


Accessories can be added to a Chipmaster to assist the operator, providing visual and ergonomic aids.


New 4 Sided Frame Board Holders

A range of Frame Board Holders has been designed for use with APE products. They include smooth action bearings and ledge pressure PCB support.

Frame Board Holders

  • 8100-0812     8″ x 12″  (203 x 304 mm)
  • 8100-1416    14″ x 16″ (355 x 406 mm)
  • 8100-2024    20″ x 24″ (508 x 610 mm)

These new Board Holders provide maximum support and adjustment.


Optional Board Holder Tabs are available in variety of lengths and offsets that will secure even the most odd shaped boards.

CLICK HERE! – For Board Holder Tabs


Model 8100-0485

8″ x 8″ (203 x 203 mm) board holder supplied as standard with all Chipmaster systems, adjustable edge holding forks and Z-axis piston.

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Optional Board Holder Tabs! – Click Here

Halogen Light

Important illumination for component removal and placement, gooseneck flexible extension for exact focusing

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