Intruder Marksman Split Vision 7500-7500

Overview There are two variations in the Intruder series: The Intruder Lightning model 7500-5000 has a focal Bottom Heater whereas the Intruder Marksman 7500-7500 has a Panel Bottom Heat system. Each machine has a manual component- placement arm with a final precision touch-down stage. Programming and reflow functions are identical to the Sniper series of systems.

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The Intruder-Marksman 7500-7500

The  Intruder-Marksman 7500-7500 has a Panel Bottom Heater and is recommended for larger boards, particularly when assemblies are manufactured using Lead-Free materials. The machine includes a manual component placement arm with a final precision touch-down stage. Programming and reflow functions are identical to the Sniper series of systems, generating “Ramp-Soak” Profile Patterns using graphical software supplied.

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Simple Operation!
It is not necessary to use the computer for general operation.To run a profile, the operator simply selects the profile pattern from the Controller panel and presses the “Run” key.Intruder Specifications:

  • Power
    110­220V 1800 Watts
  • Current
    25 Amps @ 110V, 15 Amps @ 220V
  • Dimension
    21.75″ x 29.12″ (552 x 740 mm)
  • Board Holder Lightning
    Frame 8″ x 12″ (203 x 304 mm)
  • Board Holder Marksman
    Frame 15″ x 17″ (381 x 431mm)
  • Reflow Nozzles included
    Three Nozzles of Choice
  • Preheat Nozzles included
    Two included
  • Temperature
    Select Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Reflow Air Velocity
    Internal Motor < 12.7 CFM
  • Component Pick Up
    Internal Pump -Shop Air option
  • Controller
    On Board Computer
  • Profile Generation Marksman
    Windows based PC with 17″ Color Monitor
  • Monitor for Lightning
    17″ Color Display
  • Program Development
    Thermo Couple Bank on Marksman
  • Board Alignment
    Micrometer Controls
  • Reflow Operation
    Close Loop
  • Maximum Board Size
    16″ x 20″(406 x 508 mm)
  • Weight
    125 lb (56.81kg)
  • Communication
  • Operational Software
    Included on Marksman
  • Optional Programmable Nitrogen Reflow

APE also offers video narrated trials to help in the evaluation process, our lab technicians will perform your job and return the completed work with the video.

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Profiling Each Intruder includes a sixteen (16) profile, sixteen (16) segment controller, which is easily programmed using an integral keypad. Alternatively the system can be controlled via an RS232 connection with an external computer. Graphical Display Window (GDW) External Computer software is optional on the Intruder Lightning and included with the Intruder Marksman.

The software operates in a Windows-based environment. Pro- file Pattern Recipes are easily created, stored, recalled, and edited using a Graphical Display Window (GDW). Programs are automatically uploaded to the Intruder MarksmanI controller. Any number of profiles may be stored for future recall.

Thermocouples placed for profile development