ChipMaster Operations -T1

Chipmaster Operations – T1controllerPress and hold SET for ~ 6 seconds, display will read “modE” (mode of operation) use arrows to select “T1”
(Automatic Timer mode) press and hold SET to return to the operator display.Mode T1

1. Place work into board holder securely

2. Press SET Key once to see “profile” Select proper profile for work and press SET again, timer will be displayed,
press SET again to see ADDr screen, use up or down arrows to ON, press set again, display will show time
to be added to removal time.  Use up or down arrows to set at 20 to 30 seconds, press SET to return to
operator acreen.

3. Press and hold SET for 2 seconds to see SV (1,2,3,4) which is the temperature setting, set for ~250 C
using up or down arrow, then press SET.  You will then see the set Ramp Rate in minutes.  If you wish
to alter the ramp time this is where it is done.  ( the factory presets should be fine for most work,
no need to change these settings)  Press and hold SET key until return to the operator screen.

4. Press up and down arrow at the sane time to reset timer to zero.

5. Set the nozzle height to 1/8″ to 1/4″ above the IC to be repaired.

6. Turn on Vacuum, depress vacuum pickup until it contacts and holds the component.

7. Press and hold the foot pedal for two seconds, then release.  The heating will begin, and a time
will count upwards along with the temperature on the display.

8. When the component lifts, press the foot pedal again for 2 seconds.  The machine will begin to cool,
and the removal time will be saved in the controller.  The display will show “ADDR on” Press SET to confirm
added time.

9. After a period of cooling, move the work out from under the nozzle, and remove the component lifted by
turning off Vacuum and using tweezers to grasp component from vacuum cup.

10.  For BGA: Remove all solder from pads using a soldering iron and solder wick, or solder braid, then clean well.
For other SMDs: Use a soldering iron to add solder oaste to the pads equally and then clean well.

11.  Add a small amount of paste flux to the pad area, being sure that some flux is on all the pads.  Use the
brush to spread the flux over the area.

12. Place the component on the board, being very careful in the alignment to the pads.

13. Move the work beneath the nozzle, and center it.

14. Press and hold the foot pedal for 2 seconds and release,  the temperature will go upon the display,
and the timer will be counting down.

15. When the timer reaches zero, the machine will automatically begin dool down.  Allow work to cool.

16. Move work from beneath nozzle

17. Use flux remover to clean the area of the repair,

*** If at any time you wish to cancel the operation,  press the <RS key and hold for two seconds, this
will stop the machine operation.